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Toulon joint library service is :

A network of 5 libraries :

Missions :

The libraries’ website gives you access to the catalogue, documentary resources and all the services of the library network.

Services :

The University of Toulon libraries give you access to a whole range of services available online or on site.

Online services :

On-site services :

You must be registered in a network library to benefit from these services.

Registration is free of charge for University of Toulon students, teachers and staff members (registration fees are included in the University’s registration).

Student or staff cards are valid in all libraries and must be presented to borrow documents.
Borrowed documents are recorded in a single account common to all the libraries. Student cards are strictly personal. Borrowers are personally responsible for the documents taken out with their card.

After logging in, you can use the CUB catalogue to find out how many documents you have borrowed on your account and when you need to return them.

You do not need to be registered to access the libraries, consult printed collections on site and consult the online catalogue.

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